Village of Camillus
Mayor: Patricia Butler          Trustee
Clerk/Treasurer: Sharon Norcross Trustee:
Attorney: Robert Allen Trustee: Ann Eckert
Code Enforcement:  William Reagan Trustee: 
Highway: Gary Martin
Mayor: Patricia Butler Trustee: Helen Walsh
Clerk/Treasurer: Sharon Norcross Trustee: Sue Hines
Attorney: Robert Allen Trustee: Ann Eckert
Highway: Gary Martin                                                                               Trustee:Martin Rinaldo
Trash pick up is Monday and Tuesday
Recyclables are picked up Wednesday (No electronics will be picked up, but can be dropped off at the rear of the village hall)
The Villages 1 ton truck can be used by Village residents for a $75.00 fee,plus any tipping fees, schedule the drop of and pick up with the Village Hall, 
Town of Camillus Police                                       Emergency 911
Camillus Police (315) 487-0102 or (315) 487-0103

Camillus Fire Department 
5801 Newport Rd 
Camillus NY 13031
(315) 672-9207
Water and Sewer
Onondaga County Water Authority 
OCWA customer service
 M-F 830-400
(315) 455-7061 x 3335
Town of Camillus 
4600 West Genesee  Street
Syracuse NY 13219
(315) 488-1335
This web site is being turned over to trustee Ann Eckert for updates, this site is still privately owned and is not an official site of the Village of Camillus 
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